Problem Description

Please refer this article if you have an issue with High Availability (HA) in Infoworks ADE. For example:

  • HA Service is not working as expected

  • Services are starting and stopping on their own even if HA service is not running

  • HA service is failing over incorrectly


There might be other similar services with a name like "" running in the background or there might be other issues with the HA Service


Please perform the following steps on the HA node

  • Use to check if HA Service is started 

    cd $IW_HOME/bin

  • For the running status of HA Service, please check the HA logs at:


  • Run the following command from the terminal to check if the HA Service is running in the background on the edge node where the HA service is running:

    ps aux|grep

  • Check for the HA process id from $IW_HOME/HA/ and then grep for the process id using the command below to see if the HA service is indeed running:

    ps -ef | grep <pid>

  • NOTE: There might be other services with the same name (, to check the contents of /proc/PID/env. Ensure that the environment variable $IW_HOME is set here to the appropriate folder on the edge node that is running the HA Service 

  • To safely stop the HA Service, please use the command below:

    $IW_HOME/bin/ ha

  • To restart the HA Service, please use the command below:

    $IW_HOME/bin/ ha

  • Please reach out to Infoworks Support team for any further help