This article explains how to enable access to Infoworks Cubes from MicroStatergy

  1. Download Infoworks Cube JDBC driver,

wget -O kylin-jdbc-1.6.0.jar

  1. Copy the JDBC driver to  <MSTR_INSTALL_HOME>/JDBC (eg; /opt/MicroStrategy/JDBC) folder on the MicroStrategy Intelligence Server Machine.

  2. Add a new database instance:
    1. Developer -> Administration -> Configuration Managers -> Database Instances

    2. Add new Database Instance. Use Generic DBMS as database connection type

    3. Click "New" to add a new database connection


  1. Click "New" again to add a new Database login. Enter valid username/password to access Cubes


5.Go back to the Database Connections window and in the Advanced Tab, put the following string into the additional connection string parameters box:


The values in this string may change depending on the database.


  1. Click OK to complete the process of creating the new database instance.

  2. Users should now be able to connect successfully via JDBC from both the Warehouse Catalog and Data Import.