User will not be able to perform the ingestion activity using Infoworks when the source table is having geometry data type in it.

Ingestion job will fail with an error message related to Geometry data Type on geometry data type in Teradata with the below error :

[pool-1-thread-1] :

Error while creating hive schema. Column column geometry failed.


Steps to be adopted to avoid this/overcome this situation in case of source data has geometry data type in it is mentioned below.

(Please download the attached script)

1. Delete table data by truncating the table from Source table configuration page in Infoworks UI

2. Schema synchronization option should be turned off (Uncheck the Check box)

3. Recrawl metadata for that table from Source table configuration by clicking on "Re-crawl table metadata"

4. The Script should be downloaded and it should be run from Infoworks Edge-Node .

        Before running this script please ensure you have sourced and exported the python path as mentioned below

cd $IW_HOME/bin
export PYTHONPATH=$IW_HOME/apricot-meteor/infoworks_python

5. Run the update_table_cols python script with <source id> <Table-Name> as parameters


 python <Source-Id>  <Table-Name>

6. Re-run ingestion job

After these steps Teradata Data jobs will not fail with Geometry Data Type issue. Please apply the same process to all the tables which has Geometry data type in Teradata Tables.