Problem Description

Incremental job for a csv source fails with the below error in the log

14:36:33,618 ERROR MergeUtils:112 - java.lang.AssertionError: connection_string for job is not specified
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.PostMergeSwitch.getDBConn(
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.PostMergeSwitch.getVaidator(
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.PostMergeSwitch.switchTable(
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.CDCParallelMerge.trySwitch(
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.CDCParallelMerge.postJob(
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.CDCParallelMerge.runMerge(
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.CDCParallelMerge.runMerge(
at infoworks.discovery.incremental.CDCParallelMerge.runMerge(
at infoworks.discovery.filecrawler.generic.Crawler.runMerge(
at infoworks.discovery.filecrawler.generic.Crawler.runCDCMerge(
at infoworks.discovery.filecrawler.generic.Crawler.crawl(
at infoworks.discovery.filecrawler.generic.Crawler$
at infoworks.discovery.filecrawler.generic.Crawler$
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$

Root cause

This issue is specific to CVS (Patch hotfix/10008 and IWX version 2.2.2). It occurs during a Batch-ID-based Incremental load. We do a validation for DB connection properties for RDBMS sources and we skip this validation for File based sources. In the patch hotfix/10008, we have excluded the validation only for FileBasedMergeReducer but we need to exclude the validation for BatchIdBasedRedcer as well. This issue happens for Batch-ID-based Incremental load as we did not exclude the validation for it.


Set the value to false in the Admin Configurations for the below constant at the source level and run the job again. This should resolve the issue.


value is false

IWX version 2.2.2/hotfix/10008