Target Audience: Admins/Developers

How to Find out information on in-progress operations for the Infoworks-MongoDB

Root cause: Whenever the load on Infoworks Edge-Node is High, There are chances that execution of Jobs may see the slowness in execution time.

We need to analyze which process is utilizing the high resources(RAM) in edge node.

Steps to follow to find out this issue given below

  1.  Login to Infoworks Edge-Node machine

  2.  run the `top` command

  3.  Observe if MongoDB is in the top list of the utilized resources in the Edge-Node.
        to cross check this you may use the below command to verify it,
        ps aux | grep mongod
        This will give the list of the process associated with MongoDB
  4. From the above steps if you are clear the MongoDB is on high Utilization please follow the below steps to get the in-progress operation happening in MongoDB. If you find out MongoDB is not high utilization you may discard the rest of the below steps cd to Infoworks installation directory in Edge-Node and source the file
     cd $IW_HOME/bin
  5.  Run the below command to get the current ops details from MongoDB
      mongo -u infoworks -p IN11**rk infoworks-new --eval  'db.currentOp( { "$ownOps": true } )'
  6.  Copy the response from the above command into a text file and share it with Infoworks support team for further analysis