Problem Description:

Teradata TPT Ingestion job fails with the below error when we load it for the first time.

13:11:43,086 ERROR TPTScriptGenerator:403 - Thread[38] /opt/infoworks/temp/tpt/scripts/3fdcc359d54df5da84c3b450_e5cc8f2242b0301440db83bb5d283467PRESCRIPTION.txt (No such file or directory)13:11:43,087 ERROR CrawlWorkerThread:287 - Thread[38] Error during table Error while saving script

Root Cause:

We generate a tpt script first and then using tpt client to execute the script on Teradata database. During the first time ingestion of a Teradata TPT source, we do not create the tpt folder under $IW_HOME so the scripts generation task would fail with the below error.


We need to manually create the tpt folder and the below folders under the tpt directory. Follow the below steps. 

1) cd $IW_HOME/temp
2) mkdir tpt
3) cd tpt
4) mkdir checkpoints logs scripts
5) chmod -R 744 ../tpt/ 

Run the job again to resolve this issue

IWX version 2.3.x