Problem Description

Oracle ingestion job fails with the below container error during the mapreduce job

Container [pid=53100,containerID=container_e67_1525266108447_164209_01_000002] is running beyond physical memory limits. Current usage: 2.3 GB of 2 GB physical memory used; 3.8 GB of 4.2 GB virtual memory used. Killing container. 

Root cause

This issue occurs if the Mapper/reducer job fails out of memory


You could increase the mapper and reducer memory for the MR job by increasing the values for the below properties in $IW_HOME/conf/ file



Default value for the above properties would be 2gb(2048). You could increase it further say 4gb(4096) and start the job again.

If it is already set to 4GB, increase it to 6 GB and then run the job

IWX version: 2.3.x