Problem Description: The ingestion job fails with the below error before the data pull.

[ERROR] 2018-06-10 22:47:34,422 [pool-1-thread-1] infoworks.discovery.schemachange.SchemaSynchronizer:120 :: Data type of Column SVC_CNTRCT_LN_TECH_SVCS_KEY has been changed at source which is not supported at this point
at infoworks.discovery.schemachange.SchemaSynchronizer.doesSchemaMatch(
at infoworks.discovery.schemachange.SchemaSynchronizer.doesSchemaMatch(
at infoworks.discovery.schemachange.SchemaSynchronizer.synchronizeSchema(
at infoworks.discovery.dbcrawler.rdbms.utils.CrawlWorkerThread.crawlData(

Cause: This issue occurs is Schema Synchronization is enabled at the source level and if there a change in the data type of a table (that we are ingesting) column.

Solution:Currently, during ingestion, IWX will not check for schema change. Perform the below steps to resolve this issue.

a) Go to Table > Maintenance Options. Truncate the table .

b) Recrawl table metadata(Table level action) and continue.

There is an Enhancement request raised (IPD-4686) to handle the column data type changes during the ingestion (if schema synchronization) is enabled and will be implemented in next releases.

IWX versions: 2.3.x,2.4.x