Problem Description: Oracle log based CDC for a table fails with the below error and merge will not run. parsing delete query delete from "ASAP"."QSETMEMBERS" where ROWID = 'AAAO2hACJAADLs1AAB';delete from "ASAP"."QSETMEMBERS" where ROWID = 'AAAO2hACJAADLs1AAC';delete from "ASAP"."QSETMEMBERS" where ROWID = 'AAAO2hACJAADLs1AAD';

Root cause: This issue happens when truncate was run on the source oracle table. IWX will parse the Oracle red logs to form a hive record. The delete query has only the ROWID but not the other columns. So IWX would not be able to identify which row to delete in the target hive table.

Solution: To resolve this issue, truncate, reload the table and then run the CDC for this table.

IWX version: 2.3.x