Description: Starting from 2.4.0 and Above, the metadata related to pipelines is changed. If you want to export a pipeline from IWX v2.3.0 and import it into v2.4.0 or higher versions, the steps mentioned below should be performed.

The pipeline exported from v2.3.x should be migrated to v2.4.0 compatible pipeline json (with the new metadata) using the Data Transformation API and then should be imported to v2.4.0. The import from UI would fail in v2.4.0 if the steps mentioned below are not performed.

Login to v2.4.X or 2.5.X edge node and run the below curl request.


curl -X POST \http://<ip_address of 2.4.2_edge_node>:7080/awb-server/migration/pipeline/migrate \-H 'cache-control: no-cache' \-H 'content-type: application/json' \-d '<put the json string>'

B) The output of this would be a json with new metadata.[ Redirect the output of step A to a new file ending with the .json format]

C) Save this content into a JSON file and import it into v2.4.X/V2.5.X

Note: These migration steps should be performed if you are not upgrading v2.3.x environment to v2.4.0 but just exporting and importing pipelines between these two versions. This migration process is part of the upgrade so if you are upgrading v2.3.x environment to v2.4.X/v2.5.X, the above-mentioned steps are not necessary.

Please contact Infoworks Support ( for more information regarding this.