Target Audience: All Infoworks User

How to Modify CSV/DFI ingestion table metadata

Once the CSV/DFI source data is crawled and ingested in Infoworks, a user will not be allowed to edit the metadata for the source Table. The edit schema option will allow the user to enter the metadata screen/Page but UI options will be disabled for the user once the data is ingested.

To perform changes in Metadata user should Truncate the table from Infoworks UI as explained below and then modify the Metadata changes as required.

1. Click on the Table name Hyperlink in the source page ( From version 2.4.0) or select table configurations in lower version (2.3.X) 

2. Select Maintainece Option for the respective table

3. Click on 'Truncate Table Data' option and click 'Yes' for Pop Up provided for confirmation on this selection. Internal job will run to drop the table after this selection.

4. Go back to the metadata tab of the respective table, click on Edit option located in the Right top corner of the screen. Modify the Data Type or Add new columns as required.