Problem Description:

If we import a pipeline which has a pipeline parameter through REST API and then build that pipeline, the build succeeds. If we create a workflow with this pipeline and run it, the pipeline build fails with the below error

ERROR: PIPELINE_PARAMETERS_VALIDATION_ISSUE:2520:The validation for pipeline parameters failed. Either there is a key without a value or a referenced key does not exist.

Root cause: This is a limitation in IWX versions v2.3.x and v 2.4.x and a bug request IPD-5171 is raised for this issue.

Workaround: Run the attached python script to fix this issue after importing the pipeline through Rest API. This is a workaround that we have provided for now which is outside the support boundaries of the product and we are planning to fix this in the next releases.

1. Import the pipeline configuration via Rest API.
2. Run the script:      source $IW_HOME/bin/; python <pipeline id>     pipeline id: Is the id of the pipeline into which you are importing the pipeline configuration.
3. Run the workflow.