Problem Description

As a part of upgrade validation, run the below list of sample jobs after the Infoworks upgrade.

Ingestion Jobs:

  1. Ingestion for Full-load, CDC and Merge[ For existing sources]
  2. Perform a JDBC ingestion for Teradata/Oracle
  3. Perform a TPT based ingestion for Teradata
  4. Perform log based ingestion for Oracle.
  5. Perform a CDC/Merge for Any given sources ( Ingestion Now option).
  6. Perform a CSV/Fixed-width or JSON ingestion.
  7. Take a Sample/Dummy table to ingest it and then perform a restructure job by modifying the tables split by column, reducer count, and Secondary. partition values.
  8. Perform a Reconciliation job for validation. 


  1. Perform a test to check Auth token is working.
  2. Perform All possible REST API calls using the below links ( Please note: This is quite a large list of REST calls, choose few from the list)

Data Transformations

  1. Create a Domain.
  2. Create a Pipeline.
  3. Build a Pipeline using Hive as Engine.
  4. Build a pipeline using Spark as Engine.
  5. Export a pipeline target to Teradata or any available Sources.
  6. Check Interactive data and build a pipeline.