Target Audience: IWX admins and Hadoop Admins.

The problem arises when there is an issue with starting Hbase with an error message "Hbase region servers are down because of missing cube coprocessor jar"

solution: Download cube coprocessor jar file from the respective infoworks package and copy to the missing jar path on hdfs. Restart Hbase-cluster

When you face this issue, please stop cube services by following the below steps.

Login to Infoworks Edge node
cd $IW_HOME/bin
./ cube-engine     [To stop the cube services]
check status to validate cube services are down (./

please log in to ambari or respective management tool to stop the HBase-cluster.

Please get the Infoworks version number from the missing jar ( it is available in error log)

A sample pattern example with the file name: kylin-coprocessor-$version_number.jar is missing

Download the respective Infoworks package from the repository based on the version retrieved from the previous step.

Extract the package and navigate to infoworks/cube-engine/lib folder in the package directory.
Please look for the .jar file (kylin-coprocessor-$version_number.jar ) and copy this jar file to missing jar location as mentioned int he error log.

once the copying is completed, please proceed and restart the Hbase cluster from ambari or respective management tool.

once the HBase cluster is up and running, please navigate to $IW_HOME/bin in Infoworks edge node and perform the below steps.

./ cube-engine
./       [to validae the cube engine is up and running]

Above steps will ensure that missing coprocessor jar issue is handled.