Target Audience: Admins.

Problem Statement:

After applying the Licence key post successful installation of Infoworks Version 2.5.0 or Above, there are chances that some of the valid sources( with respect to valid license) may be shown as Red Flag in the source page ( For example: Please refer to the attached image)

Root Cause: This might be one of the legacy source ( one of the oldest sources created in the environment, as Infoworks had brought in optimized Metadata Standards . which have changed metadata structure and its capturing technique). The legacy sources are not in sync with these changes. But, this will not fail any source related operations, just a Red Flag will be seen in UI of Source Page.


Please find the attached script(Python Script), please SCP( secure copy) it to the target Edge node path $IW_HOME/bin

[Please do not copy-paste, as it may lead to the wrong indentation of the script)

After the copying the file to the desired path please perform the below operation

cd $IW_HOME/bin


chmod 777


./ ui

./ ui