Target Audience: Infoworks Admins/Hadoop Admins

Cube Services are not up post upgrade of Infoworks

Following are the steps to be taken to make cube services up and running

1) Stop cube engine if running

cd $IW_HOME/bin


./ cube-engine

after the above steps perform below commands to validate any cube related process running or not.

 ps aux | grep cube-engine 

( if running please kill those process using kill -15 cube-engine)


ps aux | grep access-server

( if running please kill those process using kill -15 access-server)

2) Update following properties in $IW_HOME/cube-engine/conf/


kylin.source.hive.beeline-params=-n root -u 'beeline url used for login'      ## please update jdbc url with the correct host, port and principal

3) Comment following properties in IW_HOME/cube-engine/conf/kylin_hive_conf.xml

1. first comment this section 




          <description>Block replication</description>


and comment this section 




          <description>The maximum permissible size of the split metainfo file.

             The JobTracker won't attempt to read split metainfo files bigger than

             the configured value. No limits if set to -1.



4. navigate to $IW_HOME/bin and open the file

Please look for the below properties in the file



if the above items are not present add them in the file and provide the conf path for habse and hive respectively and save the file and exit.

After the above changes are made proceed and restart the cube services

cd $IW_HOME/bin


./ cube-engine

./ [to validate the status ]

this should show the cube as running

if the cube is not still running, please navigate to $IW_HOME/logs/cube-engine/

share the logs with support with raising a new ticket. Support team will get back to you with an solution.