Please refer this article if the cube build fails with the below error,

ERROR [main] impl.CubeBuildExecutor:150 :
INFOWORKS: Cube build failed!
ERROR [main] impl.CubeBuildExecutor:152 : io.infoworks.cube.exception.CubeBuildExecuteException:
Failed to load starschema tables


The loading of StarSchema is failing mainly because of the improper configurations set inside file located in $IW_HOME/bin/.

The above error message usually is seen when HCAT_HOME variable is not set in file.


Follow the below steps to resolve the issue,

  1. HCAT_HOME by defaults point to the $HIVE_HOME/HCatalog. We can check the path set to HCAT_HOME by running the below command in Cluster

    echo $HCAT_HOME

  2. Copy the respective HCAT_PATH and add the entry in

  3. Execute the below commands

    cd $IW_HOME/bin
    ./ hangman cube-engine
    ./ hangman cube-engine

  4. Go to the Infoworks ADE and re-run the failed Cube Build job, This build should be successful.