Problem Description:

usually its a safe practise to take the regular backup of mongo . Since mongo acts as infoworks metadata, it is advised to take the regular backup of mongo collections from edge node.

Steps to be followed to take Mongo backup.

1. Login as admin user

2. Navigate to admin tab

3. On the left side panel click on "configurations" icon.

4. Click on "Backup" hyperlink available on top of the screen.

5. Provide the target path in "Target Path" text box. Usually this will be the path mongo backup will be stored on regular intervals.

6. Click on "Edit Schedule" button and Set the status as "Enabled" from the drop down option.

7. Provide the details like "Starts on" , "Time",  "Repeats", also select check box "Never" on "End" text box option. This is done to ensure scheduled mongo backup never stops.

8.Click "Save" Button.

9. To initiate the backup process immediately to validate the backup , click on "Backup Now" button.

Please note, target path should have sufficient(write) permission to write the mongo backup into the specified directory.