Problem Description

The date value will be ingested incorrectly for a DFI ingestion. The source CSV file has 0001-01-01 as the date and it will be converted to 0001-01-03 in the hive after ingestion.

Date value in the source file:


Data in hive table post ingestion:

>select ITEM_1ST_SOLD_DT from test_date;





The day value will be changed from 01 to 03

Root cause

This issue occurs if the timezone of the target hive machine is of different time zone than source machine which is Infoworks Edge node in this case.


Set the below Advanced configuration at the Source level and run the ingestion job again to resolve this issue.

Go to the Source>Advanced configurations, set the below configuration


value: true

Note: This configuration is available at Table,Source and Global levels.

Applies to Infoworks ADE versions: