Problem Description:

During the Teradata TPT ingestion, Infoworks EDO2 would use the Teradata Parallel Transport Utility installed on the Infoworks edge node to extract the data from Teradata DB into a CSV file and then the CSV file data will be ingested to the hive.

Sometimes this TPT command to extract the data fails with some errors and we need to look into the tpt .out log file that will be generated to debug the issue further. The name of the tpt .out file to look at would be displayed as shown below in the job log file.

Running TPT command source /opt/infoworks/conf/ ; tbuild -h 10M -j f1d76947b9ffa503685631b2_77dc3d9e0309fde1ea33bfa70f065b1dDLS_FLNA_CUST_ORDR_FCST_WK -f /opt/infoworks//temp/tpt/scripts/f1d76947b9ffa503685631b2_77dc3d9e0309fde1ea33bfa70f065b1dDLS_FLNA_CUST_ORDR_FCST_WK.txt -r /opt/infoworks//temp/tpt/checkpoints/ -L /opt/infoworks//temp/tpt/logs/ -R 2

[INFO] 2019-08-14 20:05:24,112 [MaintenanceTimer-1-thread-1] com.mongodb.diagnostics.logging.SLF4JLogger:71 :: Closed connection [connectionId{localValue:2, serverValue:188031}] to because it is past its maximum allowed idle time.

[INFO] 2019-08-15 02:57:02,108 [pool-4-thread-1] infoworks.discovery.utils.TPTScriptGenerator:482 :: command executed, any errors? Yes

[INFO] 2019-08-15 02:57:02,110 [pool-4-thread-1] infoworks.discovery.utils.TPTScriptGenerator:484 :: Output:

Teradata Parallel Transporter Version 64-Bit

Job log: /opt/infoworks//temp/tpt/logs//f1d76947b9ffa503685631b2_77dc3d9e0309fde1ea33bfa70f065b1dDLS_FLNA_CUST_ORDR_FCST_WK-2131.out

Steps to analyze the TPT log

a) et the file name and location from the ingestion job log as mentioned in the description above.

c) Login to Infoworks edge node as info works user and then run the below command to analyze the tpt .out log or share the tpt.out file with Infoworks Support for further analysis.

tlogview -l  /opt/infoworks//temp/tpt/logs//86f066f5f376f940f655b633_77dc3d9e0309fde1ea33bfa70f065b1dDLS_FLNA_CUST_ORDR_FCST_WK-2131.out

Applicable Infoworks EDO2 Versions.