Problem description:

Failed during pipeline batch build : [TASK_EXECUTION_ERROR: 2524]: An error occurred in the execution engine while executing the task. Please make sure that the execution is running and can be connected by the Infoworks server.

2019-10-22 11:41:21 - IllegalArgumentException: Illegal pattern component: XXX

Versions: 2.8.0+

Root Cause: Needs commons-lang3 jar(/opt/infoworks/lib/df) version to be greater than >=3.5


Navigate to $IW_HOME/lib/df/

Do ls and grep for commons-lang3

If the version is earlier than 3.5(eg : commons-lang3.3.2.jar) thenĀ 

Download the latest version >=3.5.

wget -O /opt/infoworks/lib/df/commons-lang3-3.5.jar

Replace the earlier version with the latest downloaded jar.

The rerun of the pipeline build works after these changes.