Problem description: How to overcome wget --no-check-certificate issue while upgrading Infoworks.


The issue was with the wget that we do in between scripts.
For mongo upgrade, we will do wget and the --no-check-certificate was supposed to be passed as a part of the HTTP URL.
We edited /opt/infoworks/bin/ and added the --no-check-certificate as below:
wget "$download_uri" -O "$req_location" 2>/dev/null 
 changed to 
wget "$download_uri" -O --no-check-certificate "$req_location" 2>/dev/null

Also, the below mentioned change in the file

verify=false was added in the script.

req = requests.get(url, stream=True) 
changed to
req = requests.get(url, stream=True,verify=False)

Versions: IWX 2.8.0+