A shared access signature (SAS) provides secure delegated access to resources in your storage account without compromising the security of your data. With a SAS, you have granular control over how a client can access your data. You can control what resources the client may access, what permissions they have on those resources, and how long the SAS is valid, among other parameters.

Steps to configure:

1. In the Source Settings page Source Configuration section, select type as From Hadoop Cluster.

2. Prefix the Source Base Path with the wasb protocol and container address as follows: wasb://<CONTAINER_NAME>@<STORAGE_ACCOUNT_NAME>.blob.core.windows.net/

3. Add the below configuration in the custom core-site.xml file in Ambari.

Key    : fs.azure.sas.<container-name>.<storage-account-name>.blob.core.windows.net

Value : Container SAS Key 

4. Then in Ambari web UI,  select HDFS from the list in the left, and then select Restart all affected from the service actions drop-down list on the right and click on confirm restart all.

5. Follow step 4 for YARN, mapreduce2, and hive.