Problem Description:

Cube build job fails with the below error in 

Error in the job log

ERROR: io.infoworks.cube.exception.CubeBuildExecuteException: Failed to load star-schema tables. Please see the detailed logs.

ERROR in /opt/Infoworks/cube-engine/iw_cube.log

2019-11-13 18:36:46,619 ERROR [http-bio-7070-exec-6] controller.TableController:124 : Failed to load Hive Table
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/hadoop/hive/ql/session/SessionState

Root cause:

The HBASE_CLASSPATH in the file /etc/hbase/conf/ is getting overwritten to =/etc/hadoop/conf and so the required hbase jars were not getting loaded to Kylin. This is a limitation in IWX v2.8.0.1-EMR and a JIRA IPD-9121 is raised to address this issue in future releases.


As a workaround, provide the below steps to resolve this issue.

a) Open the file /etc/hbase/conf/ on Infoworks edge node.

b) Change the HBASE_CLASSPATH value as sown below.


Before Change:

export HBASE_CLASSPATH=/etc/hadoop/conf

After Change:

export HBASE_CLASSPATH=/etc/hadoop/conf:$HBASE_CLASSPATH

c) Restart the cube-engine service.

d) Run the Cube build job.

Applicable Infoworks Versions:

IWX v2.8.0.1-EMR