Problem Description 

Infoworks jobs failing due to the below error,

"Cloud Provider Launch Failure: A cloud provider error was encountered while setting up the cluster. For more information, see the Databricks guide. Azure error code: PublicIPCountLimitReached. Azure error message: Cannot create more than 10 public IP addresses for this subscription in this region."

Root cause

Infoworks job clusters use one public IP address per node (including the driver node). Azure subscriptions have public IP address limits per region. Thus, cluster creation and scale-up operations may fail if they would cause the number of public IP addresses allocated to that subscription in that region to exceed the limit. 


If your subscription has already reached its public IP address limit for a given region then you can request to increase your public IP address limit. Please follow the below link for more details,

Applicable Infoworks versions 

Infoworks Datafoundry v3.x on Databricks