Problem Description:

On a HA Enabled infoworks environment, postgres log folder can run out of space. The issue isolated only to a HA Enabled system since postgres DB is run in archive mode


1) Stop all services  (recommended but not mandatory)

2) Find the space utilization of postgres

     du -sh $INFOWORKS_HOME/resources/postgres/pgsql/data/mnt/server/archivedir

3) Delete files older  than 60 days from the location

      find $INFOWORKS_HOME/resources/postgres/pgsql/data/mnt/server/archivedir -path "$INFOWORKS_HOME/resources/postgres/pgsql/data/mnt/server/archivedir/0*" -mtime +60 -exec /bin/rm -f {} \;

4) Check for space utilization 

5) If services were stopped in step 1, Start all services

Applicable Infoworks DataFoundry versions:

v3.0 onwards (with HA Enabled)