Description: Perform the below steps to collect the dump of a mongo collection and share it with the IWX Support Team based on the request.

Here we are performing the below steps to get the dump of iw_metering collection in Mongo DB. Provide the required collection name as per your need.

a) Login to Infoworks edge node as Infoworks user.
b) source /opt/infoworks/bin/

c) mkdir /opt/infoworks/dump_iw_metering

d) mongodump -h localhost -u infoworks -p <> --db=infoworks-new --collection=iw_metering --out=/opt/infoworks/dump_iw_metering

sample mongodump command:

mongodump -h localhost -u infoworks -p <> --db=infoworks-new --collection=<collection_name> --out=<location on the IWX Edge node where you want the dump to be generated>

e) There will be an infoworks-new directory that will be created in /opt/infoworks/dump_iw_metering

f) Compress it into tar.gz file by running the below commands.

cd /opt/infoworks/dump_iw_metering

tar -czvf iw_daily_metering.tar.gz infoworks-new

Applicable IWX versions:

IWX v2.x,v3.x,v4.x