As part of IWX version 4.4 or below we were shipping the ojdbc6 driver for oracle. Due to additional features, we have decided to use the ojdbc8 driver in 5.0. So all the newly created sources in version 5.0(irrespective of new install or upgraded environment) will use ojdbc8 as a driver. In upgraded environments, all existing sources will continue to use ojdbc6.

But in PepsiCo's case, because of ojdbc6 limitations, they already replaced ojdbc6 with ojdbc8 driver in the 4.2 version. Our upgrade code assumes all existing oracle sources use ojdbc6 and update this information in metadata, for those sources to be unaffected post upgrade in PepsiCo, we need to manually change the value of key connection.driver_version to v2 in our metadata. Below commands will change the value of the key to v2.

source /opt/infoworks/bin/
mongo -u infoworks -p IN11**rk infoworks-new
db.getCollection('sources').update({"sourceSubtype" : "oracle"},{'$set':{'connection.driver_version':'v2'}})