Infoworks supports ingesting data from Teradata via Teradata Parallel Transporter (TPT). TPT is a native tool provided by Teradata. Ingestion via TPT helps in reducing the load (AmpCPU) on the source Teradata system (5x -10x reduced source load with TPT) and provides better performance over JDBC. TPT is the preferred load/unload tool for Teradata Database.

Ensure to install TPT on the master node of the interactive cluster, along with the cloud-specific access module using the TPT installer. Perform the following steps to install TPT on the interactive cluster/persistent cluster as applicable. If the customer wants to use an ephemeral cluster for TPT jobs they need to put these client install steps in the init script. Steps to configure the init script is documented here.

1) Login to the master node and switch as the root user.

2) Download the Teradata Tools and Utilities (TTU) installer package for the required OS.

3) Extract the installer package to a directory.

4) Navigate to the extracted directory.

5) Execute the following command: sudo ./setup.bat a


sudo su
tar -xvf TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase__ubuntu_x8664.
cd TeradataToolsAndUtilitiesBase
./setup.bat a

Note: As per our PAM for GCP, TPT client version 17 is tested and certified, so make sure customers install the same package. Please do not share the package link mentioned in the example section with the customer, it is strictly for internal use only. Ideally, customers need to sign up to the Teradata website and from there they can get the required client packages.