Problem Description:


Metacrawl of a Teradata source failing with below error if the row size exceeds 64K bytes,

[ERROR] 2020-07-28 10:40:00,512 [main] io.infoworks.saas.ingestion.core.metacrawl.sources.RDBMSMetaCrawler:396 :: Error while fetching metadata for DLS_MTRL_BD_CL

io.infoworks.saas.ingestion.commons.exception.IWException: java.sql.SQLException: [Teradata Database] [TeraJDBC] [Error 9990] [SQLState HY000] Response Row size exceeds 64K bytes and is incompatible with the Client software.

Root cause:

Error 9990 points that response row size exceeds 64K bytes limit. This issue will occur if the Teradata drivers are in version 15.10.


Upgrading the Teradata drives to version 16.10 will resolve this issue.


  • Login to the Infoworks edge node as Infoworks user and navigate to $IW_HOME/lib/ingestion/jdbc.
  • Move terajdbc4.jar and tdgssconfig.jar jars out of $IW_HOME/lib/ingestion/jdbc.
  • Add below attached jars to $IW_HOME/lib/ingestion/jdbc directory.
  • Rerun the metacrawl.

Applicable Infoworks DataFoundry on Databricks versions:

Infoworks Datafoundry v3.x on Databricks