Step 1: 

Please register a new generic JDBC source for Hubspot


For Driver Class Name,enter :   cdata.jdbc.hubspot.HubSpotDriver 

 Additional drivers for Generic JDBC including Hubspot are located at $IW_HOME/oem/drivers

 The no. of Generic JDBC Source types that can be registered depends on your License. Please make sure you are licensed to use Generic JDBC Source Types and you have free slots to register new source types.

Step 2: 

Get the API key from Hubspot  (The API key can be created by super Admin user only )

Ingesting from Hubspot

Step 1:

Go to Admin>Sources>Add New Source and select Hubspot(Name used while registering the source ) under Generic JDBC Source Type.

Step 2:

Provide Source Name, Target Schema, and Target File System 

Step 3:

Go to Data Catalog > Select the Source that you have created and click on the Ingest button.

Step 4:

Fill in the below details,  replace the API key with your own API key


Username and Password can be *******

Source Schema: HubSpot

Step 5:

Save and Crawl Metadata

Step 6:

Once the crawl completes you will be able to see the Tables in the ‘Tables’ tab for the source.

Ingest required tables 

4.2 and above