The generic JDBC source types allow you to onboard data from any data source that includes a JDBC driver. This feature allows you to create new sources by providing JDBC jars. You could create a Rest Source by performing the below steps.

1. Download the CData JDBC Rest driver from the below link. Documentation for the drivers is available in the JDBC Driver Documentation section at<driver>/docs, for example,

2. Register the below jars and the lic file as shown in the screenshot. These jars will be present in the /lib directory in the downloaded JDBC driver zip file.



Description automatically generated


3. CData JDBC driver for REST source supports the below format. See the link

Sample JDBC Url format for the REST source.




A picture containing application

Description automatically generated

4. Provide the above-mentioned JDBC URL and you can provide any username/password as it will not be considered.

5. Provide the Source Schema as REST.

6. Save the configuration.

7. Test the Connection and then once it is successful click on Save and Crawl Metadata.

8. Once the Metadata is crawled, click on Configure Table and provide the other configurations for the table like primary key, etc.

9. Run the Ingestion job.

Applicable Infoworks Versions 4.2.x