Description: Is it possible to migrate a pipeline created in one domain to another in the same IWX instance?

A pipeline once created under a domain cannot be moved to a new domain in IWX. This is according to the design behavior of the Product. Please do let me know if you have any further queries.

However, you could try performing the below steps as a workaround.

a) Export/download the pipeline from Domain_A into a JSON file using the Download option available under Pipeline>Settings.

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b) Create a new pipeline with the same name or with a different name in Domain_B.  Select the right execution engine while creating this new pipeline in Domain_B based on the old pipeline configurations (Default value for Execution Engine will be Hive)

c) Add all the requires sources for this pipeline to the new Domain_B under Admin>Domains>Manage Artifacts for Domain_B.

d) Import this pipeline JSON using the Upload Configuration option under the pipeline settings for the new pipeline in Domain_B.

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e) Once you import and if the required sources are added to Domain_B, the import would auto-detect the source tables required for this pipeline.

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f) Uncheck the above two options as shown above. If you Retain the target table name and the Schema name, it would conflict with the old pipeline in Domain_A.

g) Click on Apply.

h) Once the Pipeline is imported, go to the Target node and provide the Target Schema and the table details.
i) Run the pipeline build job for this pipeline in the new Domain_B.

j) Change the Sync Type as OVERWRITE for the target node(s) as you would need to build the pipeline again from scratch in the new domain with the new target schema and the target table.

Applicable IWX versions:

IWX v2x,v3.x,v4.x