Problem Description: Infoworks comes with a few sample datasets that you can onboard into your environment and learn about the various capabilities of the product.

The URL to access the sample datasets page is http://<infoworks_host>:3000/sample_datasets

When you click on Generate Incremental Data for either the Northwind or Enterprise Data Warehouse sample datasets, the UI returns "Error while decrypting data."

Root cause: This is a known issue in IWX v5.0 which and will be addressed in future releases. The password-encryption strategy is changed in IWX v5.0 and the below configuration should be added to resolve this issue.

SolutionNavigate to Admin Configuration>Add Configuration and add the below key and value pair.

Key: postgres_password 

Value: XRI6fm0WE3YZlrln3ftj4CX78YO7rA0uFU5O4phrqEPEDA8Pta4lJzmYQOWQxdjZrrIETw==

After adding the above configuration, click on Generate Incremental Data and Refresh Row Count.

Applicable IWX versions:

IWX v5.0