Problem Description: Enabling log rotation fails with the below error in Infoworks v5.0/v5.1.1

Enabling log rotation
Connected to MongoDB...
Connected to MongoDB Quartzio...
"status" : 500,
"errors" : [ "Schedule Job Data Cannot be Null, key: job" ]
Exception: 500 Server Error: Internal Server Error for url: http://<iwx_hostname>:3011/api/v1/scheduler/submit/

Root cause: This is a limitation in Infoworks v5.0/v5.1.1 and will be addressed in future releases.

Solution: There is a patch available for this issue in IWX v5.0/v5.1.1. Perform the below steps to apply the patch.

a) Download the attached file

b) Replace the existing $IW_HOME/bin/ with the attached file.

     Note: Make sure Infoworks user has read/write/execute permissions on this file.

c) source $IW_HOME/bin/

d) $IW_HOME/bin/ enable 

Applicable Infoworks versions:

IWX v5.0,5.1.x