This Article has the steps document to update Databricks token IWX Version 5.2.0



  1. This script must be run on a VM because it needs /opt/infoworks/apricot-meteor/infoworks_python/infoworks/bin/ script to encrypt databricks token.
  2. This script can be put inside any folder in VM. For example, you may put this script in /home/infoworks directory. 
  3. In case pymongo is not installed, install it using pip3 install pymongo . If Cryptodome is not installed, install it using pip3 install pycryptodomex .
  4. Before running the script, source the file source ${IW_HOME}/bin/
  5. To see usage instructions, run python3 -h

Steps to Update Databricks token

  1. Update Token in Data Environment Details

  2. Update Token in Persistent Compute Cluster

    python3 -e <ENVIRONMENT_ID> -cn <COMPUTE_CLUSTER_NAME> -ct persistent -t <DATABRICKS_TOKEN>
  3. Update Token in Ephemeral Compute Cluster

    python3 -e <ENVIRONMENT_ID> -cn <COMPUTE_CLUSTER_NAME> -ct ephemeral -t <DATABRICKS_TOKEN>


To update data bricks token for the environment and all clusters at once, you can specify an additional argument --all-computes=true

python3 -e <ENVIRONMENT_ID> -t <DATABRICKS_TOKEN> --all-computes=true

Affects Version:

Infoworks 5.2.0